Field Of Love

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When I Saw You

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Synchronicity at its best…


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Resistance is futile.

My Heart has become a bird

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My Heart has become a bird
which searches in the sky.
Every part of me goes in different direction
is it really so?
that the one I love is everywhere?



With A Love Like That

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Just give and you will get.

With Love,


Fuck What They Think

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Day 5 of my¬†30 days challenge. This one is inspired by something I came across on Pinterest. If you’re even in the slightest bit offended by it, well…fuck you. And I mean that in the most lovable way I can say it. I love you dearly, I truly do, but as I mentioned yesterday, you are irrelevant for my well-being.

I do value your opinion, and I am happy to listen to every little detail you want to share with me. But in the end I am inspired by your story. Or not! That is my decision, and my decision only. And I expect the same from you. I really appreciate if you listen to my bullshit, especially in times I feel the need to ventilate it. But please fuck what I’m thinking. Be inspired by my story, not by my opinion. Be inspired by the person I am today, not who I was or who I might become one day.

The human race is so occupied by what others think (yes, an opinion). Fuck what they think. Feel what’s right for you and act in the most loving way possible.

With love,


I Love You, But You Are Irrelevant

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It is actually day 5 of my 30 days challenge, but as I did not write a blog post yesterday I declare this day 4. The reason for it is irrelevant, which brings me to the topic of today: I love you, but you are irrelevant.

You might say that is not a nice thing to say to someone. And if you take the words literally it might just be not that nice. But actually, with the right intention, it is the most beautiful thing you can say to someone. It means that you will not hold the other responsible for how you are feeling, and whatever he or she might do, you love that person. » Read the rest of this entry «

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