Our Struggle for Expansion?

August 16th, 2010 § 1 comment § permalink

Recently I was listening to an interesting part of one of the Abraham-Hicks recordings. A man took place on the hot seat and expressed a rather cynical view of our struggle in our lives. In short he said that Source Energy / Consciousness / Spirit, or whatever name you label it with, expands as a result of our increased contrast and therefor struggle we face in our lives. Therefor it would benefit from an increase in struggling creating bigger contrast.  An interesting view, and at the time I listened to the recording I kind of resonated with the words of this cynical man. But somehow I could not give it a rest and shortly after I clarified it enough for me to share it with you. » Read the rest of this entry «

Light of My Life

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Today I was introduced to some of the work of Barry Long. It started with a short conversation on twitter, and @juwil sent me a link to an excerpt of the “Life is Joy” DVD. After quickly updating myself with who Barry Long was I watched the excerpt (see below) and I fell instantly in love with Barry’s words. These words really resonate within me.

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Today I redefined God

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I don’t see God as the old grey man with the wise look on his face watching down on us. In other words, I don’t perceive God as men has defined ‘Him’ for centuries. Furthermore, I was not raised according to any religion, but by the best effort of my parents. I have explained in an earlier post that when I was ‘young’ I was thinking in very black and white images. And I think I considered myself an atheist. But over the years I got inspired by The Secret, the Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Bashar and many others. The level of inspiration I get in my life today is so much greater by my ability to allow.

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Stop bashing your ego!

June 18th, 2010 § 1 comment § permalink

The human race loves the blame game. Something or someone has to be blamed for the shadows in us. For centuries we had the devil to blame. The red guy with the two pointy horns and the tail with an arrow-shaped tip. He represented our dark side, and for many of us still does. With the upcoming discovery of our true Self we realized the horny red man actually does not really exist. But if we can not blame him, who will represent our shadows, our dark side? As god and the devil are true opposites it is evident we need something that is the opposite of our higher self. Well, that is easy: our lower self. Or even better: our local self, the ego. » Read the rest of this entry «

Swamped with work

June 17th, 2010 § 3 comments § permalink

I haven’t posted for 2 days now, but the great thing is that I do not have to apologize to anybody. I was swamped with work, and the couple of hours I could relax, I chose to do so. I did write a lot during my absence. It was all work related. I am currently working on two big projects one which is reaching go-live date. And many of us know what that means…

I have been on many projects and I know the drill. But I do experience them today with a different state of mind. I’ve grown. In working experience, skills (just repeating it often enough to know what comes next), but I consider my biggest growth to be spiritual. Not in the sense that I am floating between the stars all day, but I am way more relaxed. Even when shit hits the fan, I take the perspective of “what does this teaches me…about me!?”. It is pure selfish behavior, and I like it. More people should do it. First attend to yourself, and when you feel good about yourself let’s meet. You might actually have something to ‘give’ me.

As I wrote earlier I am more and more an observer. I try to observe with appreciation, which empowers me to see the bigger picture. This helps me when the pressure is on, and I deliberately do not join the blame game. With a more clear mind I see opportunities and it enables me to be more productive. But I am not in that appreciative state of mind all the time. At times, I also lose the connection with me, and I fall down the rabbit hole of frustration. But more and more I can step back and observe myself and ask “what does this teaches me…about me!?”.

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Why talk when nobody listens?

June 14th, 2010 § 1 comment § permalink

Today I was playing the observer in an otherwise useless meeting. Not so much useless because of the topics discussed, but because of the attitude – state of mind – people were in.

After about 5 minutes I looked at everybody in the meeting one by one, and they were all withdrawn in their own little – or big – world. The movement of lips did produce sound waves travelling across the room, but they never reached their destination. Not because they did not reach the physical point in space where they could be translated to meaningful brain waves, but because the door to the brain was closed. » Read the rest of this entry «

My work is done

June 14th, 2010 § 2 comments § permalink

I grew up near the coast. The sand dunes, beach and sea were only 10 minutes away from home. It’s true that you appreciate those things more and more when they are not so close anymore. I was able to jump on my bike and ride to the beach for no apparent reason other then pure joy and experience the mighty and powerful sea banging into the wet sand trying to win back the lost grounds. The ever present wind clearing my worried mind and the salty smell clearing my nostrils. » Read the rest of this entry «

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