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Patrick BrinksmaMy name is Patrick Brinksma and I am selfish. Why? Because when I feel good, I have much to give and I experience the world as a wonderful place to be.

Selfishness is commonly interpreted as something negative. But if you choose to place your own needs above the needs of others the result is that you are aligned with what you really want. And only then you will be a positive energy in other people’s experience.

This blog is dedicated to bring positive news and personal experiences in the light of Self. I have no intention to sell any book, course or workshop to you. I want to share my inspiration and expansion with you so we can all be joyfull and create our life the way we want it to be.

In ‘every day life’ I am a vibrational being, a lover, a father to 3 wonderful children, and work as a technical architect in the world of Cloud Computing. To the question ‘so, you work with computers?’ I have to answer: ‘No, I work with people!’.

I hope you enjoy reading my inspiration and expansion, and I really appreciate if you leave a comment if you feel compelled to do so.

With great love,

Patrick Brinksma

PS. I try to link to the sources of quotes, excerpts and other materials I display on this site as much as possible. If in any case you feel that I have missed something, or that I am using any content without permission, please click here to send me a message.

PS II. Recently, I started to add Notes from the Universe as blog posts. These notes are not written by me, but by the great Mike Dooley. You can sign up for them here, and receive a personalized version of them daily in your inbox. For the sake of this blog, I’ve removed my name. If you think I should not be doing this, please click here to send me a message.

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