It is Always About The Process

February 19th, 2012 Comments Off on It is Always About The Process

In yesterday’s post, Change is inevitable, I took on the challenge to write one blog post per day for thirty days in a row. And this is day two, and I’m struggling to write a second blog post. It is not that I don’t know what I could write about, but it is the process of allowing myself to write. And when I realized that, I knew what I wanted to share with you today.

It is never, ever, evah about the content. It is always about the process. The content just doesn’t matter. It is irrelevant! We are so focused on the content, that we totally forget about the process. And the beauty is, the process is always the same: Feel better, and then…

Easier said then done, I agree. The content seems irresistible in our attempt to justify our behavior fueled by believes. We get sucked into the so-called reality not realizing that my reality is not the same as yours, and get stuck. But here is where it gets easy again. For every unique reality there is a process to make you feel better. And the effectiveness of the process is related to our ability to detach ourselves from the content.

So, in the coming days I will not worry about the content of my writing. I will allow the process to take place make the words irrelevant.

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