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January 26th, 2011 § 16 comments

Recently I was introduced by a dear friend to Quantum Jumping, a concept developed by Burt Goldman also known as The American Monk. Quantum Jumping is based on the theory that there are an infinite number of universes that exist in parallel to ours and in each universe there is a version of you, a Doppelganger. As there are infinite universes, there are infinite versions of you. When you Quantum Jump you visit that specific ‘twin’ version of you that is already successful at what you want. In that process you will receive advice on how to achieve what you want. This can be in the form of words, inspiration, energy, etc. This might sound all a bit crazy, but let me share my first jumps, so you can decide for yourself if it resonates with you.

First a bit of theory

The theory behind Quantum Jumping can be mind-boggling. It defies our common view of life, reality and time. In the world of Quantum Jumping there is only Now. This is not uncommon for people who know about or study the Law of Attraction. In every moment you create a Now, and if you think about an event in the past or future, you (re-)create that event Now. From that point of view everything – past, present and future – exists simultaneously and linear time is just a perception from our viewpoint in our dimension. But what about the infinite number of versions of you? Where do they come from? Well, every time you have a choice, you have a number of (infinite) possibilities from which you choose one. But what about all the other possibilities? They are still valid, and exist in the quantum energy field. In other words, at every point you choose, an infinite number of versions of you follow a different path, some very different, some very similar and everything in between. As a result all the imaginable possibe versions of you exist simultaneously. And we have the ability to tap into the energy of the specific version we choose to connect with.

Now don’t get me wrong. My head is spinning from this theory probably as much as yours. I do not try to understand the theory in much detail, but it does resonate with me. And for me personally, I do not need to understand every theory in detail for me to believe something works. For example, I don’t understand in detail how the images on a television are created, but I believe it works, and I love how the images create a perception of movement and entertain me (except when I watch channels like CNN).

The Bagha

During the exercises Burt Goldman uses the Bagha. This ancient technique whereby you program yourself while touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. During the day at any time you can use this technique with a clear intent in your mind to focus yourself for a brief moment. This article describes the technique briefly and some examples. I never heard of it before discovering Quantum Jumping, so I only know it in this context, and the way Burt Goldman teaches it. But I already had some fun results using it. When I notice I have trouble focusing I use it in very different situations, and it does help. And if it works, why not use it?

Quantum Jumping

During a Quantum Jump, and there are many variations, you go into the alpha state which is a state of meditation. Burt Goldman guides you into the alpha state, and being a bit skeptic at first (until now, I have not meditated often) I must admit with Burt’s guidance it’s easy. For me the trick is not to try too hard, and just experience it. It doesn’t matter if at first you don’t experience what you might expect. It takes practice and there is nothing wrong with that. In the alpha state (often there is some programming using the Bagha) you imagine being in a small hallway in front of a transient door. You focus on your intent specifically for that jump. This is something you want to achieve, do or have. The intention will bring you to the specific version of you, your Doppelganger, who already is successful at what you want. The more specific the intention, the more specific feedback you will get. Next, you imagine the door will open, and when the door is open, you jump (or walk, slide or whatever you prefer) through the door into the parallel dimension where your Doppelganger is. Here you will meet the twin version of you already being successful. You imagine you speak clearly your intention to your Doppelganger and listen to the feedback you get. This can be in the form of words, energy, inspiration from the images you see, etc. At that point you just relaxed and allowed it to happen. For the final step, Burt Goldman will guide you back into this dimension, back in the small hallway, and out of the alpha state. Eyes open, wide awake!

My first jumps

Personally it was a bit awkward for me to actually sit down alone and relax to do the exercise. I meditated before, but always with some great guidance. But I was able to feel inspired and just do it, experience it and allow it to happen. It was a great experience. I could feel the energy of my twin version who was already successful at what I wanted. After each jump I felt more at ease, confident, and full of energy. With each jump I was able to imagine a more clear picture of my Doppelganger and the view of his experience became broader and more detailed, resulting in more specific feedback. I also experienced jumps whereby I did not get much feedback, but that’s just fine. Nothing works every time.

My last jump was the Master Jump, where you go into a deeper state of alpha. My intention was to meet my twin version that was already successful in being an independent, loving and open person. When I jumped through the door I met exactly that version. The energy I felt was overwhelming. He lovingly looked at me and said the words: “Everything will be just fine…”. The way he (or should I say I?) said those words and the energy I felt was amazing. I still often daydream about that experience, and feel the energy again…

Quantum Jumpstart your day

My intention is to integrate Quantum Jumping into my life, and jump on a regular basis. When possible start my day with a jump with the intention to meet the version of me that has already successfully experienced the day I am about to experience. This will give me insight in how my day can be, and feel inspired to take the right action. Especially when I have to take some decisions or have a really busy day in front of me. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes and after the jump I will feel wide awake. Will you join me in Quantum Jumpstart your day?

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  • I’m very happy that you’re having so much fun with it and experiencing great benefits. And I love the title and content of your blog, it’s genius and I am joining you on a Quantum Jumpstart each day!

    Love from your ‘dear friend’… ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Mariëlle, and yes you are that dear friend that introduced me with Quantum Jumping. :-)

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  • Vandraeckensteijn

    Patrick, this is the first time I visit your blog and what a thrill it is to read about Quantum Jumping. I will try this myself for sure. The whole principal raises one question though.. One might expect our parallel persons to be aware of QJ too. That implicates that they can visit us now and then with the same intentions.. to learn from us, in the here and now. I wonder if that happens when we are asleep, or when we are somewhat distracted for no obvious reason. How would you describe the you on the other side? Did you expecrience the other you as a person of flesh and blood, or “just” an entity? This is some amazing stuff you write about. Keep up the good work!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your comments. To answer your questions:

      RE: Reverse Jump
      I bought the Quantum Jump materials (I & II), and what you are referring to is called a reverse jump, whereby you enter the alpha state, imagine the small hallway with the intention to help a parallel version of you who is aware of Quantum Jumping. I have not yet made the reverse jump but I do intent to.

      RE: Experience
      In the end it is a theory. And if in fact you actually enter a parallel dimension, or if it’s all in your imagination (or both) does not really matter. The experience itself is very personal and differs from person to person. For me personally it varies from jump to jump how vivid my experience is. Sometimes it’s just a “sensation” that I feel, sometimes I get a vivid image and “hear” my Doppelganger say things to me. And during the latter experience it’s like I am looking at a version of me in flesh and blood.

      • Vandraeckensteijn

        Okay, I see. Somehow I think that reverse jumping asks a lot of experience. You are absolutely right about the origin of the effect. It really doesn’t matter. Some stuff works and let’s be honest: believing in things that you can’t explain, is as old as the world itself. Interesting fact stays however the synchronisation of the moment one you decides to jump over and the other you standing there to help you. Then again: with our limited perception and imperfect sense of time, we try to explain things by putting them in our little safe box. I guess, the moment you try to reverse jump, as you are planning, is not given by your free decision, but buy the other you, ringing the doorbell of your universe.

        • Vandraeckensteijn

          sorry… typo’s in the last reply… must be the hour.

        • Anonymous

          The most important concept in Quantum Jumping is the one of “Infinite Possibilities”. Infinity is something we can not really “grab” as a concept. But in the quantum field of infinite possibilities there will always be a version of you that is ready to give you advise, or that is looking for advise (via a Quantum Jump).

          That is the beauty of infinity, if you can imagine it, it happened.

          • Vandraeckensteijn

            I like that idea. Having my parallel me’s always close to me. We’ve only discovered such a small part of our brain, exploring it with litterally an open mind gives us powers beyond imagination. We all carry our own universes with us.

          • Anonymous

            We are pretty much limited to what we can (or dare) to imagine. :-)

  • Pedro

    How do you quantum jump though, what is it that your supposed to do in order to quantum jump? I have no job and no money at the moment and I would buy the program because I am a person who believes that the mind is the most powerful force besides god and Jesus himself. I would vary much like to use quantum jumping and when it works(gotta think positive) I would in fact buy his program in order to support him. But right now, with no money and way of getting money, how am I supposed to quantum jump and better myself to where I actually start to make a living? If I can’t achieve it, then how does he expect me to have money in the first place? I’m into art, but I am not as good as I would like to be, but if I could quantum jump and achieve the skills that I need I could actually better myself in computer animation and then eventually pay him for helping me to achieve what I have achieved. But as it stands now, I’m flat broke so I can’t buy it.

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  • Charity

    Thanks for all the information about Quantum Jumping. My concerns are similar to Pedro’s…will you send a response please?

  • Nikki

    Pedro and Charity,
    I am not able to purchase this program either (in this dimension currently haha) but there are infinite free resources online that can guide us in meditation. Through meditation, you can visualize yourself receiving this program. It may be that the direction you take to receive it may also be the answer to you other complications. I believe wholly that meditation and positive thinking are always beneficial, no matter if you are skilled or just a beginner. It can change your world! Find what works for you.
    Just some friendly advice :)

  • Celinevangool

    Yes i’d like that!!!

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