Our Struggle for Expansion?

August 16th, 2010 § 1 comment

Recently I was listening to an interesting part of one of the Abraham-Hicks recordings. A man took place on the hot seat and expressed a rather cynical view of our struggle in our lives. In short he said that Source Energy / Consciousness / Spirit, or whatever name you label it with, expands as a result of our increased contrast and therefor struggle we face in our lives. Therefor it would benefit from an increase in struggling creating bigger contrast.  An interesting view, and at the time I listened to the recording I kind of resonated with the words of this cynical man. But somehow I could not give it a rest and shortly after I clarified it enough for me to share it with you.

For people unfamiliar with the work of Abraham-Hicks I want to lay out a basis for you to understand (some if it explained here). You are an extension of Source Energy (or Consciousness) physically focused in this time-space reality. During your life you will encounter contrast, things you want and things you do not want, both on each end of a stick. It’s your job to focus on the wanted end of the stick and allow it to manifest in your life. But before anything manifests the larger part of you, which is still Source Energy, already becomes that expanded You by your focus on it. In this context, the greater the wanting or desire, the greater the expansion of Source Energy. In order for you to experience the manifestation you will have to shift your state of being to what the larger part of you already became.

In the context of the basis explained (I realize it is a real small basis, but you will feel if it resonates with you or not), the cynical man shared his perspective. The greater the contrast (and thus struggle) the greater the expansion of Source Energy. And therefor Source Energy benefits from our struggle in this physically focused time-space reality. Although this reasoning follows some logic, it is a little out-of-whack. It is true (at least in my experience) that the larger the contrast the greater the expansion. How do I know? Well, if you overcome a great deal of struggle in your life, you feel so much more expanded then with little things. But in this also lies the flaw of the cynical man’s reasoning. If you do NOT overcome this struggle, if you do not manage to manifest what you really want, expansion stops. There is only so much struggle a person can handle.

Expansion will only continue when we find a new place from which we have new desires. And the better we get in manifesting our desires and create the life we want to live, the greater the speed of this expansion will be. Contrast will not be seen as struggle anymore, but as an opportunity to grow, fine-tune and become what our larger part already became instantly when the new desire was born within us.

I wish you all the contrast you need to expand beyond your wildest dreams.

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