There is only One True Path in Life

June 28th, 2009 § 0 comments

Inspiration has many sources. One of them is music, which for me is the most vivid external vibration we interpret with our physical body. Lyrics are not that important to me, as I find myself feeling the music mostly, but sometimes the lyrics of a song does catch my attention. One of those songs is Innervision from the band System of a Down. Just to make sure there are no suprises, it is a Metal band.

One particular part of the song has always inspired me, even before I was on my personal journey to alignment and enlightment, and that is:

There is only one true path to life

the road that leads to all, leads to one


For many years I associated one true path in life with religions, which tend to dictate the way you have to life your live in order to end up in a place of enlightment. And then you are actually already dead. But especially the teaching of Abraham has put that in a whole different perspective. There is indeed only one path in life, which is alignment with Source. Or in more accepted words: feel good and enjoy life! And to achieve that there are many roads to follow and journeys to take, but they all lead to one final destination: closing the gap and alignment with Source. And the good news is, that you don’t have to die (or croak as Abraham always speaks of dying in the most disrespectful way possible).

Furthermore, I interpret the lyrics as finding your inner guiding system which we tend to loose when we grow up. It gives me a feeling of coming home.

With endless love,


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