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Appreciation increases your vibration because it is a positive emotion which will turn you downstream on the river of life energy. It’s good to train yourself back into appreciation, which will feel empowering to take back the joyful control of your life.

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Just have fun!

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The last week I have been listening to Law of Attraction workshops while driving to and from work. And the result is already incredible. Since a long time I feel inspired again. I am more relaxed, have much more fun at and with my work. I connected to many customers in a way I could not have done a couple of weeks ago.

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Will Smith on the Law of Attraction

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Will Smith is an icon for many young people. His life success is not something he just suddenly got when he woke up some day. He worked hard. But more important, he has had a very positive attitude towards life and especially towards the creation of his own life. In the following video Will Smith explains the way he experiences life and how he has been able to create his success, throug the Law of Attraction.

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The innocence of a child

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People often refer to the innocence of a child in the context of the child not knowing, being almost ignorant. A phrase often said in those situations is: Only if he/she knew“. But the fact is that the child knows. The child knows what it wants and what it does not want. It is fully aware of the law of attraction and lives by the art of allowing.

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Tai Chi

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Ever since I heard about Tai Chi, I was drawn to it like a moth to the light. The gracefull movements executed with perfect balance displayed as an art of body and mind.

I first experienced Tai Chi during the Avatar Wizard Course where every morning a large group of people were instructed by a Tai Chi master. It was a great way to start the day by deliberately creating your balance and quiet the mind. Local inhabitants walked by minding their own business, but when they saw this amazing movement of a few hundred people they forgot all about their worries and were captured by the energy.

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Eshter Hicks, born in Coalville (Utah), was able to give up resistance through medidation in such a way  that non-physical entities called Abraham speak through her. Through workshops Abraham have inspired people to take responsibility for what they are asking and hence what the Universe – source energy – is giving to them.

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Being selfish is good?

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The definition of selfish, concerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others, makes it very difficult to interpret it as a good thing. But there is another way of looking at being selfish.

If you are being selfish, you are listening to what you really want. You are aligning yourself with your source energy, which makes you tick. It is the current interpretation of selfishness that dictates that if you are being selfish, you harm others. But this is not true. Off course, you can harm others in the process, but that would be a result of a misaligned action with the wrong intention.

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